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startstaying 30/05/2017

I recently read an article about thinking mindset and doing mindset. It was a pretty simple message, stop thinking and start doing.  You will see wonders in some time.

Be assured that you will see 2 immediate effects; the feeling of positivity and a deep sense of satisfaction.

Remember how we felt when we hit the gym for some days or played a sport in the morning or finished some of the long pending items off our TODO list. Big relief and sense of pride !! But also recall some of our days when we were able to make time for an important call with a customer, or work longs hours on customer escalations. If we can make time for these things, why is that we still get stressed on a lot of unfinished tasks? The answer is we are tuned to work on urgent things and procrastinate many other important things which are not necessarily urgent.

Urgent vs Important – not able to bucketize properly, adds stress to our mind, and our mind is always under constant stress to feel guilty or frustrated of not able to do other important things.

P.S TODO list never ends

Don’t just create a long laundry list of TODO items and empty your mind. It will not help, your mind will start accumulating more thoughts if you are not able to act on the work items.

What gives a good night sleep is to have small plans on a daily basis. Act on it, to see to the completion of the tasks. Here comes right prioritization to rescue, which helps to bucketize further into urgent for today. Over the time, we’ll learn managing time and the tasks. So start doing, iterate, and don’t give up till it’s completed. In some cases, the outcome may not be the desired one, but it’s a great learning on what not to do or what doesn’t work for us.

As someone rightly said; stay foolish, stay hungry.

We started with this doing mindset and started our venture StartStaying with a hunger to make rental smarter and not harder.

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